Team Skeet - Breaking Up And Diving In

Publish Date:31.03.2023
Karlie is going to stay at her stepmother's friend's house for a while, which isn't so bad except that her stepdaughter Luzbel is a b-i-t-c-h. She gets bored and sneaks into Luzbel's room. She hears Luzbel's phone ring and realizes what's going on. This is strange because she supposedly has a boyfriend. Just as JustKarlie is about to take a screenshot, Luzbel walks in. Luzbel is feeling particularly devious at this point, offering Karlie the gossip and her boyfriend in exchange for eating her pussy. Karlie wants to put Luzbel in her place, so she agrees. Luzbel gets to lick that virgin cunt and dyke out Karlie's asshole for the first time (literally).
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