Girlsway - A Teacher's Discipline Part One: Playing Hooky

Publish Date:06.03.2023
Thinking she has everything sorted out, Veronica Rodriguez shows us tips and deceives on the best way to pull off playing hooky. Rule number one is sprucing up to look charming. Veronica puts on a cute small scale skirt, scarcely concealing her wonderful ass cheeks, knee high socks and a dark shirt with no bra. Rule number two is tracking down an accomplice. Veronica organizes to meet her companion Sophie at their standard spot. Veronica has no goals of being caught in Ms Jelena Jensen's class on a day like this!
Holding up at their gathering point, Veronica calls Sophie asking her to rush since she's apprehensive about getting found out. However, Veronica doesn't understand that her educator Jelena saw her taking cover behind a tree. Jelena won't let this one go! She turns the vehicle around, gets out and arranges Veronica into the vehicle. Jelena is finished with Veronica's rebellion and tells her they're returning to her home rather than school. Veronica will concentrate on there regardless of whether she enjoys it. Jelena will show her a thing or two!
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